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transported downwind rental cars, Ltd Xuzhou hotel is approved by the State administration for industry and commerce registration, have a legally qualified professional car rental companies. Strategic location, convenient transportation, travel, work and life for you brought a lot of convenience. Main face social from all walks of life Xuzhou car rental, and Xuzhou car rental, and Xuzhou car rental company, and Xuzhou car rental network, and Xuzhou car rental company, and Xuzhou since driving car rental, and Xuzhou car rental since driving, and Xuzhou car rental price, and Xuzhou car rental which home good, and Xuzhou tours need with car of personal, and foreign enterprises, and groups, and hotel, and business floor, and tourism company, for service object, currently carried out business has: Xuzhou car rental, Xuzhou tours, Xuzhou car rental and Xuzhou tourism car rental, team service. Short operating northeast of long-stay packages, airport transfers, hotel welcome, business trips, shuttle bus, wedding car, funeral car, provincial tour and car rental business. Company all vehicles are for national official operation vehicles, all vehicles documents and the insurance complete   (make strong insurance, and seat insurance, and third party responsibility insurance), and each seat 250,000 insurance, condition excellent guarantee new and the 90% new above, since 2006 established yilai constantly expand innovation, and expanded scale, now has has size vehicles amounted to more than 100 more Taiwan, has new Swiss wind business car (9 seat-11 seat), and Gold Cup coach (11-14 seat), and Buick business car GL8 (7 seat), and popular business car (7 seat) , And GE Reyes business car (7 seat), and full Shun (11 seat), and Toyota coaster (22 seat) and the big \ in the \ small (18-22-25-33-37-45-49-53 seat) variety Gold Dragon CMB, and luxury bus, various common models, this company in "to service, and customer first" of purposes treats new old customer, in today competition fierce of car rental industry in the, I company overcome has heavy difficult, to its sincere of dedicated spirit, advanced of design concept, Reliable quality and perfect service wins the approval and praise of many customers at home and abroad.

company in business among, constantly perfect rental system, constantly improve company of "hardware" and "software" facilities, always put service put in first bit, to improve enterprise core competitiveness, company followed people of business concept, training has a most excellent of business management personnel, most advanced of car rental calculation system, to modern, and network of boutique business mode face customer, and equipped with has experience rich, and road familiar, and technology excellent, and compliance chapter law-abiding of driving personnel, strictly of management system, Comprehensive lease services, to provide you with a comfortable, safe, and secure vehicle, allowing you to enjoy high quality, fast and convenient variety of car services. Also created Dragon car rental brand, after years of unremitting efforts and innovation, has become able to provide users with comprehensive, professional, fast service of car rental companies. Our goal is by first-class service quality, create and lead the car rental market, build the car rental industry's top brands, leading car rental market leading enterprises in Xuzhou. Towards customer satisfaction rate 100%, full with car 0 complaints, to first-class of management, and first-class of service, for customer created more big of economic, for you of career success, and life happiness help Shang helped, for you provides service offer a enthusiasm, company also can generation set hotel, and tickets, and train votes, and the big attractions tickets, and by professional of tourism practitioners for you tailored build Northeast features tourism line, professional driver full generation driving, avoid you since driving of hard, let you enjoy taste nature of beauty, New mode of travel, Longhai staff full of warm and look forward to your call.