Beijing imposed on car rental will begin on November 1 for the record

According to the Beijing Transportation Management Bureau of Beijing municipality on car rentals of the interim measures for the management of notifications from November 1,   Beijing car rental operators with the following conditions, Car rental, road transport management Department for filing procedures: 1. legal persons or branches of the industrial and commercial business license, 2. business scope to include car rental, 3. with fixed operating and Office range 4. car rental service and safety management standards and improve the car rental operating and safety rules and regulations. After implementing the registration and territory Road Transport Department to manage the activities of car rental companies. Record included opening for the record, change record and stops, closing the record. In addition to Beijing, have now implemented car rental management, Sichuan province, Sichuan Road transportation management regulations "passenger vehicle rental operator shall, to the administrative authorities for industry and commerce business license to the local county level Transportation Management Department for the record and put into transport vehicles for road transport card".
Recently completed by the China Road Transport Association on nationwide auto leasing management mode research statistics show that national car rental industry are concentrated in 13 cities, 3 City free car rental industry management, other cities through a licensing, registration or business car rental companies such as the moratorium on approval of new forms of management. Since car rental is an emerging industry and road transportation, lease (including financing), and many other features, how to manage the car rental industry has been a different understanding, form different patterns of trade management policy and all over. The China Road Transport Association, China coach boat Association, held in Haikou, China transportation news in early December "second car rental, China Development Forum" industry management in major cities will be invited to discuss suitable for the car rental industry in the development of management policies and models. BACK PAGE