Car advertising business approvals required

Xiao Zhang found a friend bought a new van plastered with advertisements of a decoration company, asking only knew he was a friend of "lobbying" of sticking, the other companies pay a monthly fee for his more than 300 yuan. Zhang believes that in the era of high oil prices, this would be a good idea for subsidized oil money, but I do not know whether compliance is legitimate. This reporter to Wuxi commercial trade and industry wide consultation, the answer is private advertising belongs to the outdoor advertising, required by the industrial and commercial sector, approval and registration, all units and individuals are not allowed to publish outdoor advertising.
From some agency was informed that the car was advertised for employees such as insurance, banking, there are some decoration company, the Club will put forward at the request of private cars are advertised. Also appeared on the network specifically for car advertising business website. Reporters from the "car rental au" understands that private car owners just register to become a member you can "live", and after completing the tasks as required to get paid accordingly, paid two hundred or three hundred, five hundred or six hundred Yuan. While most car owners on the legality of this form of advertising is not clear.
Shangguang say, posting ads using private settings, not in violation of the advertising law and other regulations shall be determined by a qualified advertising companies to local industrial and commercial Department approval and registration before they can be released. Without registration unauthorized release of outdoor advertising, industry and Commerce departments will confiscate the illegal income, and a fine of 30,000 yuan fine. Authorities also learned that out of the car, car body advertising, does not affect the safe driving should be the premise, the advertising area shall not exceed 2/3 of the body, and can not change the color of the body. BACK PAGE