Car notice to lessees

in order to lease the safe operation of the vehicle, as well as to your interest, please remember the following terms:
1, the driver must hold a valid People's Republic of China driving license and vehicle categories consistent with the rented vehicle on the driver's license.
2, driving in more than a year.
3, in addition to your own or your indicated who the driver of the car rental form, but without the written permission of the lessor, don't allow anyone to drive you to lease the company vehicle,
Otherwise, the lessee shall pay the resulting responsibilities.
4, your lease vehicle can only be used on Hainan Island, otherwise, the lessee shall pay the resulting legal and other responsibilities.
5 return the car, you should be as stipulated in the contract, return of leased vehicles and vehicle condition before you with the vehicles and delivery list of car rental car registration no, if there is a new blow, touching,
Damage or equipment, documentation is not complete so you pay should be based on actual losses loss and other related costs. If your non-insured vehicles damaged during the rental needed
When replacing a vehicle, you will need to estimate price 120% pay car damaged deposit before they can provide replacement vehicles.
6, in order to avoid such situations occur, please your every day for engine oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, tire pressure, lights, and other routine checks, if a problem is found, please get in touch with the lessor.
If it proves necessary to fill gas-liquid, permitted by the manufacturer must be used.
7, if you rent a vehicle malfunction or abnormality, you should immediately contact your lessor, without contact with the lessor, continue to use the resulting loss will be borne by you.
8, if you rent a vehicle involved in a traffic accident and other accidents, please immediately notify the traffic management Department, and at the same time inform the lessor, by the lessor for repair service location, you cannot
Maintenance repair or, at its option repair their own manufacturers, prohibiting the continued use of a damaged vehicle, please cooperate with the traffic control Department to deal with traffic accidents, the lessor must help them.
9, the lessor is not responsible car rental during a traffic accident or other all the consequences of the accident, including penalties of the relevant departments.
10, you also need to pay a traffic violation when deposit 1000 Yuan, after 15 days, if there are no violations.
11, if you lost licence or other relevant documents during the rental period, you should bear the costs of replacement and vehicles stopped during the rental fee.
12, you should be familiar with the vehicle the proper driving skills and knowledge of the operation, correct operation of vehicle care of vehicles, ensure that the vehicle condition, operating instructions or the lessor does not make vehicles.
13, rent a car, you must be careful, carefully check the vehicle is normal, found that the problem should be solved before playing, once the vehicle leaves play, condition, that is, to leave the field when the rental vehicle inspection report shall prevail.
14, you can not be unloaded or removing parts or equipment on leased vehicles, otherwise, you should promptly return the original parts or equipment, you should also pay the lessor does not exceed the interbank component
Or liquidated damages of three times the original equipment.
15, if you rent a car car alarm remote control is installed during your rental is damaged or lost, you should pay RMB 1500 if during the term of your rental vehicle odometer
Dismantled, you shall be delivered to the lessor compensation for 1000 Yuan.
Coaching 16, you will not be able to rent cars, prohibit the use of rented vehicles to enter the competition, do tests and other damaging drive, otherwise you will be delivered to the lessor not less than 5000
Yuan penalty.
17, prohibit the use of leased vehicles engaged in profit-making nature of passenger and cargo transport, ban overweight-borne material, prohibiting loaded inflammable, explosive, corrosive and irritant smell articles left in the car,
Ban smoking in closed doors and Windows in the car. In violation of the above provisions, the lessor will vary depending on the seriousness, charge you a penalty of not less than 1000 Yuan.
18, the fuel you are using must meet vehicle requirements, or for damage caused by improper fuel borne exclusively by you.
19, when you book your reservation you need to pay 500 Yuan payment if you cancel your car rental program, you will be paid 50 Yuan penalty if you need a taxi from offsite shunting,
You need to pay transfer fee of 200 Yuan.
20, leasing vehicles in a 24-hour rental day, limited to 400 km, overrun by 1 Yuan/km calculation exceeded in less than 4 hours are calculated at half a day and 4 hours by day,
Leasing 2nd above (not 2nd) from mileage limit.
21, the lessor provides taxi service: daily working hours may not exceed 8 hours, you will need to pay 50 Yuan a day driver salary, holidays, 100,
And accommodation costs borne by you driver.
22, the lessor provides Haikou and Sanya both specify car service:
Haikou: meilan airport hotels west of the meilan airport terminal
Sanya: Sunshine garden, East West Road, building b, a
23, the notes on the car the lessee as an integral part of the car rental contract, shall have the same effect.
Above, the lessee has complete understanding of
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