Domestic first car rental business service code execution

Domestic car rental industry management standards--first Beijing local standard specifications on the car rental business services implemented with effect from September 1 this year. Meanwhile, this year Beijing car rental or lease contract demonstration text will have a unified, leasing can be used in text based on terms of contract supplement increase. In 1989, after the birth of the first car rental company in Beijing, car rental industry has been developing rapidly. The publication of the specification, unifies the management and service standards for leasing companies, car rental clarified the requirements for the conduct of the parties, will effectively alleviate chaos in the car rental market. However, the operable parts of code can be desired is unknown.
The standards with particular emphasis on involving public interests, public safety and leasing specifications of the legitimate rights and interests of the parties. If car accidents in Beijing five-ring road, or one way within 20 km, the lessor shall aid should arrive in 2 hours, failure could not return to normal within 2 hours drive of the vehicle, the lessor shall provide the lessee with the appropriate features and their prices as a temporary replacement vehicle, otherwise the right to terminate the car rental contract the rental cars and so on.
It is understood that at present Beijing car rental company has 130, 240 business sites, leasing vehicles 1. 70,000 units, average annual lease rate of vehicles 80%, annual gross domestic product of nearly 1 billion yuan. But in the leasing industry in the rapid development, there is also management extensive, management issues such as different standards and levels of service levels, there is an urgent need to harmonize standards for the industry, and services, to improve management standards.
According to reports, from July this year to June 2008, Beijing will organize the city car rental enterprises carry out comprehensive standards compliance activities. BACK PAGE