Insurance tariff adjustment hearing topic "locking" price

3rd to the society by the CIRC issued the notice on insurance rates adjusted hearing, to be held in Beijing in mid-rates adjust hearing. Due to insurance liability limits and rates adjustment programme announced on November 30, it was clear that subject of the hearing was not "price", but "the price".
According to information published recently, China's insurance industry association representing member companies engaged in insurance business, was submitted to the China insurance regulatory Commission to the request for instructions on programmes to report insurance rates. The programme shows, in the 120,000 yuan under the limit of liability, insurance based models will have different rates of reduction, in which the ordinary family car insurance premiums to be reduced from the existing 1050-950, 9.5%. Overall, the current eight 42 models, 16 models will involve lowering fees, or 5% and 33%, the remaining car rates have remained unchanged.
"Price" as the topic what is a hearing? Legal basis for what is it?
Trace origin of the hearing system, reporter learned that, from May 1998 the People's Republic of China price law formally establishes the price hearing system. Establishing this system aims, by hearing such a democratic decision-making mechanism, so that with the public, public natural monopoly industries and effective supervision to the pricing problem, scientific, fair and equitable pricing system, safeguard the people's interests.
However, the price does not include financial services need to price hearing within the directory. 47th price law provides: "interest rates, exchange rates, insurance, securities and futures, and apply the provisions of relevant laws and administrative regulations, this law is not applicable. "
But for individuals, financial services closely related to daily life, and financial services is not a commodity to be completely free to choose, especially as China's first insurance mandatory insurance coverage is needed to understand whether the fees and charges in line with legal procedures, real insurance in repeated "profiteering" question is the lesson.
Until after the insurance the first year profit and loss report, hearing is imperative. By March 2006, the State Council promulgated the regulations on compulsory traffic accident liability insurance for motor vehicles article 7th: "insurance company insurance should be a year of compulsory traffic accident liability insurance for motor vehicles business verified and announced to the public under general insurance compulsory traffic accident liability insurance for motor vehicles business profit or loss, or may be required to allow insurance companies to adjust premium rates. Adjust the range of premium rate, the China insurance regulatory Commission shall conduct a hearing. "
Circ spokesman Yuan Li recently made it clear that, on the basis of operating results in the first year, the China insurance regulatory Commission after taking into account annual insurance initial investment costs of digestion, underwriting, expanding, further reduce business costs and the operating costs of the company and other factors, require the company to adjust the insurance rates. In order to better safeguard the interests of consumers, the China insurance regulatory Commission decisions in the form of a hearing, to better reflect the principles of openness, fairness and justice. China insurance regulatory Commission official believes that compulsory insurance coverage and higher, low premiums and is an inevitable trend, the price hearing has shown through the determination to meet the aspiration of the hearing.
News Analysis: cut rates raise social aspiration
Policy makers should take into account the private car has become the subject of automobile society, cannot ignore the bus the exemplary and guiding role of automobile society; both drivers concerns but also to guarantee the interests of public transport. Policy launch time, launch techniques require careful consideration and repeated arguments. From this point of view, the lowered rates, increased amount of programmes, not only enhance social responsibilities compulsory insurance, and reduce the cost of car owners and auto society harmony of all interest levels. BACK PAGE