Ministry: the abolition of regulations on interim provisions governing the management of the car rental industry, 47

The decision on abolishing 47 pieces of traffic rules has been adopted by the 11th Ministerial Conference on November 5, 2007, are hereby promulgated and, as of the date of promulgation.
Li shenglin, Minister
November 14, 2007

Now decided to repeal the following 47 traffic regulations:
Serial number name authority regulations the publication release date of joint communications Ministry comment issued
1 surveying and mapping work several provisions of the Ministry of communications on sea area (83) cross the water prison April 11, 1983, No. 712
2 port area, traffic safety regulations (83) Shui Jian Zi No. 860, April 12, 1983
3 "Ministry of
The Treasury "clothing supply methods, open port port authority personnel qualifications (83) Shui Jian Zi No. 2465, December 27, 1983 the Ministry of finance agreed to abolish
4 "Ministry of
State economic and Trade Commission "Wharf construction and trial measures for the management of enterprises (84) sea no 17th January 9, 1984 the State development and Reform Commission to repeal
5 the Ministry of People's Republic of China magnetic compass adjuster (s) appraisal certification procedures (trial implementation) (84), cross the water Regulatory Commission no 1900th October 11, 1984
Interim provisions on sea transport packages of dangerous goods inspection, traffic, 6 (84)-December 22, 1984
7, traffic, traffic water transport affiliated colleges and universities graduates allocation (86) December 1, 1986, No. 923
8 port bulk grain silos, traffic, traffic, fire and explosion safety management procedures (trial implementation) (87) no 7th January 7, 1987 letter sea
9 towns, traffic, transportation, traffic, ship design, building and testing of interim provisions (87) Chinese character indexing October 2, 1987, No. 709 of delivery
Transportation, traffic, 10 fuel-saving measures for the implementation of (87) cross-enterprise No. 805, November 5, 1987
11 "Ministry of
Ministry of
Commodity prices "loans, construction of the highway and a major highway bridges and tunnels charge tolls (88) road, 28th January 5, 1988 the State development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance agreed to abolish
12 national shipping industry, traffic, energy use monitoring implementation procedures (trial implementation) (88) cross-enterprise No. 620-October 18, 1988
13 interim provisions on the Yangtze river navigation, traffic, ship safety inspection (89) June 30, 1989, No. 361
14 beacon marine safety supervision Bureau of the Ministry measure provisional regulations on financial management, accounting (89) make money November 13, 1989, No. 648
15 Ministry of transport ship engineering management indicators (systems) evaluation (trial) (89) delivered No. 700, December 13, 1989
16 taxi travel, traffic, car passenger managed provisions (89) delivered December 18, 1989, No. 709
17 ports, traffic design of construction equipment maintenance management (90), completion no 49th February 2, 1990
18 inland navigation, traffic, engineering joint venture project management procedures (trial implementation) (90) completion July 9, 1990, No. 379
19 tanker operations, traffic, safety requirements (90) delivery September 21, 1990, No. 517
20 the Ministry of motor transport vehicle general performance inspecting station 1991 of 29th April 23, 1991, traffic management
21 "Ministry of
Commodity prices "People's Republic of China domestic routes, traffic, maritime rescue and salvage charges (91) the fiscal No. 859, December 14, 1991 the State development and Reform Commission to repeal
22 "Ministry of
Commodity prices "People's Republic of China International Maritime Rescue and salvage charges, traffic (91) the fiscal No. 859, December 14, 1991 the State development and Reform Commission to repeal
Assigned by the archives management of traffic, 23 [January 9, 1992, 1992]89
24 the Ministry of supervision, traffic monitor [January 16, 1992, 1992]23
25 the Ministry of road transport accident statistics on corporate responsibility reporting safety [January 25, 1992, 1992]64
26 the Ministry of People's Republic of China surveyor exam, assessment Office rule checking of delivery [November 2, 1992, 1992]986
27 "Ministry of
State Commission for restructuring the economy
The State Council economic and Trade Office "transport enterprises owned by transforming operational mechanisms implementing measures [1993]18 January 8, 1993, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce to repeal
28 road transport service operators to open technical and economic conditions (for trial implementation) delivery [1993]1384-December 26, 1993
29 cargo opening for loading of road transport, traffic, technical and economic conditions (for trial implementation) delivery [1993]1384-December 26, 1993
30 school ship approach to financial management in colleges and universities of the Ministry of traffic, make money [July 11, 1995, 1995]583
31 advanced, traffic engineering, traffic, quality supervision station and excellent quality engineering supervision staff selection procedures (trial implementation) cross base [1995]1145-November 30, 1995
32 container cars, traffic, road transport rules [December 29, 1995, 1995]1283
Administrative measures on road freight transport services, road, traffic, 33 [January 26, 1996, 1996]109
34 Ministry of sea (water) safety supervision Bureau (the harbour Superintendency Administration section) trial measures for the financial management and accounting finance [August 13, 1996, 1996]723
35 salvage unit cost accounting, traffic, traffic, way to make money [September 20, 1996 Water engineering construction market, traffic management, traffic 36 1997 of 1th February 21, 1997
37 Bohai Bay offshore passenger transport market, traffic, managing the water due [1997]352-June 16, 1997
38 Department of transportation highway engineering construction tender pre-qualification means cross-road [August 1, 1997, 1997]451
Excellent investigation of 39 highway, traffic, traffic engineering award, the good design award and excellence award review approach road [August 18, 1997, 1997]501
40 motor transportation, traffic, road safety management approach [September 2, 1997, 1997]540
41 highway construction, traffic, energy saving management regulations (trial) body hair [1997]840-December 24, 1997
42 on lowering the rate of ships stranded in foreign countries, traffic, several provisions of the exchange of safety supervision [February 12, 1998, 1998]68
43 "Ministry of
The State Development Planning Commission, "interim provisions governing the management of the car rental industry Ministry, State Planning Committee order 1998 February 26, 1998, 4th national development and Reform Commission to repeal
44 road transport, traffic, traffic administration punish regulation for 1998 of 3rd release, March 9, 1998 as amended by Ministry of 2001 of 5th
45 on business statistics, traffic reports and the interim provisions on the dissemination of statistics planning [January 14, 1999, 1999]23
46 coastal port construction engineering, traffic estimates for budgeting the water due [March 24, 1999, 1999]133
47 bid for seaman with boat traffic attributable to temporary personnel management law to a Haifa [1999]704-December 21, 1999 BACK PAGE