Rent a car fails to breach must also take responsibility

After the car from the car rental company, fails to return the vehicle. Yesterday, Changshu city, Jiangsu Province, the people's Court of first instance concluded a car lease contract dispute, judgment rent a car fails to bear the liability for breach.
October 6, 2006, the defendants Yuan guohua with photocopies of Changshu Ming Kai with the plaintiff entered into a Mazda car leasing car leasing contracts, leasing term for October 6, 2006, November 5, 2006 14:30, rent of 200 yuan per day. In breach of the contract agreed upon by both parties in the bar each hour overdue return of rent paid 40 Yuan. Signing day, the defendant paid the plaintiff RMB 3000 and 2000 Yuan rent security deposit, and drive away. October 25, 2006, the defendants paid plaintiff 3000 Yuan rent. After the expiration of the contract, the defendant failed to press about the return of vehicles, for which plaintiff has repeatedly sent people looking for failed.
The end of 2006, the plaintiff in a hospital car park, Changshu and the defendant the Mazda car leasing, but the car was not used by the defendant himself, plaintiff and alert after clashes in the cars, Mazda back after police stepped in the plaintiff, the plaintiff sued the defendant liquidated 16320.
The case exposed the leasing company management problems, should be paid attention to. The car rental industry is fiercely competitive, in order to expand the leasing business, leasing companies often choose to relax terms, on the customer's credit record, ability, economic status of performance reviews is not strict enough, the result was some outlaws drilled loopholes.
Leasing companies should further standardize the leasing acts, improve's review of car rental formalities and requirements provided certain guarantees as far as possible, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes and even losses. BACK PAGE