Thinking from car rental industry endorsement

Recently, two events attracted the attention of authors in the car rental industry: one is the giant star was selected as spokesperson; one is a rising star courier cartoon after the creative nicknames crossword collection. Comparatively, courier names activity was more low-key. Two car rental companies launched almost at the same time its image endorsement, caused widespread concern in the industry and many media commentators. I also thinking about the subject at a deeper level: car hire how to stand out from the industry, gain the upper hand?
User experience is the key to successful
Rent a car is different from buying a car, users enjoy the experience in the car rental process, directly affects the consumer brand identity and sense of belonging.
I used cars express on-line ordering service. Lander express official website , after registration, only need to fill in the model selection of the city information and confirm your order you can rent their favorite models. Author of "simulated car rental" booked a Chevrolet Cruze automatic sedan 5-seat sedan, day 166 Yuan.
In a simulated car rental process, I found that express is different from the other car rental companies "buy it now" car mode. This model cumbersome rental fees insurance charge rental fees buy it now all contain, eliminating a lot of hidden spending, so that consumers can enjoy car rental service at a low price. Simple and transparent pricing increases consumer trust in brands, but also greatly enhance the user experience.
Car rental industry heating up so consumers benefit the most practical
Sinotrust released the 2010 China auto rental industry and user research report shows that China's car rental market in 2005 from 50,000 of the trading population of 4 billion yuan market scale, development by 2010 of 160,000 of the trading population of more than 14 billion yuan market scale. Working population and market size annual growth of 26.4% and 27.97% respectively.
In view of this, broad development prospect of domestic car rental market are extremely positive. Today's growing popularity in car travel, more and more people began to try to rent a car, especially in first-tier cities buy limit order was launched, the car rental companies has significantly increased volume of business.
However, regardless of brand or a business philosophy, many car rental companies are still stuck in the past history: the high advertising costs, carpet bombing, promotions are a trap ... ...
Or go back to the beginning of the two industry events, celebrity endorsements can enhance advertising effectiveness, better brand impression. Celebrities, cartoon image of safer and more economical, not because of some negative information and negative to the brand association, does not share the costs, the costs passed on to consumers.
Is a stars rally or a cartoon endorsement? Who will win the favor of consumers, and won in the ebb? This is indeed worthy of our thoughts and expectations. In my opinion, only improve the user experience, tangible benefit to consumers, is the magic weapon for take the high ground.

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