VC Denver car rental market in China

Travel to Hangzhou Beijing visitor Zhang Daping a got off the plane, a brand new Buick Lacrosse cars have been parked at the airport. It was three days ago through car rental companies rent vehicles on the Internet. Zhang Daping told reporters: "rent a car than the bus, taxi more convenient. "
This new car rental car usage patterns have become popular in major cities, and has attracted many domestic and foreign VCs attention, face full of potential and risk of China's market, car rental go? China's car rental age to do?

On November 18, Japan Mitsubishi Corporation signed an agreement with Zhejiang jeep car rentals limited: Mitsubishi car company invested $ 20 million in the first round, and founded the Haina international car rental co., Ltd. Before that, Goldman Sachs "Laozi" Hi Shanghai car rental company $ 70 million, Legend Holdings, 1 billion yuan "wager" Beijing China car rental co., Ltd. Has the potential in the car rental market, China is attracting more and more domestic and foreign VCs attention.
Consortium officials, Chairman of Mitsubishi-Mitsubishi cab straight believes that China's car rental industry is in the initial stage, but the speed of development, China's car industry is an emerging market with huge potential. According to him, car rental business is very mature in Europe and developed countries, in the United States, vehicles engaged in car rental industry occupies the entire 55% of the automotive industry, many individuals and companies solve car problem with car rental.
It is understood that China's car rental industry from the 90 's of the last century began, domestic car rental companies have registered more than 5,000 companies, can provide daily and monthly rental, roadside assistance, door-to-door delivery vehicle, hitch, remote vehicles and many other services, gradually accepted by individuals, families and institutions.
Reporters saw in the Zhejiang jeep car leasing price list, expensive cars, such as Mercedes-Benz S600 daily rental price is about 4000 Yuan, while cheaper models, such as the Chevrolet car, rental prices for less than 100 Yuan a day. "Leasing of vehicles can enjoy our company offers road failure rescue, citation processing agent, GPS navigation and other services. "Zhang Xiaolin, Chairman of Zhejiang cheyou auto leasing company said.
Zhang Xiaolin said: "relative to the purchase of private cars, car rental and more green travel more convenient, economical, and environmental protection, known as walking, cycling and public transport is the fourth low-carbon way to travel. In the future, with rent purchase will become a new trend of urban life. "
Leading the new life car rental
According to statistics, as early as 2007, China has more than 160 million "books", that is, people with driver's licenses but there is no private cars, the wishes of the people generally have a strong car. If fully financed by private car to meet, no doubt will bring environmental and urban management in many negative effects. So people in the industry generally believed that new car rental industry will be the healthy development of the industry as a whole the best lubricants and booster, with great prospects for development.
Working for a company in Hangzhou Fang Lijuan said that the home already has a car, but the couple often with car trouble. She said, "can't afford to buy another car on the economy, car rental companies, temporary rent a car is very convenient. "The Department of chemical engineering, Zhejiang University students Roger to leave are often posted at the school Forum and others" swim with the rental car ", in their view, rent a car for driving, cost all sharing is very affordable, and convenient and fashionable.
According to Deputy General Manager of Hangzhou jeep car rentals limited Hangzhou branch shanglin introduced, in the company's business, in addition to individuals, family car, car rental for an increasing number of enterprises and institutions also facilitates work. Especially after the Government's bus reform, official cars this business also began to involve the Government.
Zhu Zonghua engaged in foreign trade company of Hangzhou decade is the old customers of car rental companies. He told reporters that with the expansion of business, had parked the car early enough. "Come on, company has enough strength, impact on cash flow does not buy that business, customers with vehicles, poor grades or not. Rent a car this way to solve one of my problems. "
According to estimates, China's car rental industry to grow 20% to 30% each year, 2010 National leasing vehicles is expected to reach 210,000 vehicles. By 2015, domestic motor vehicle demand in the rental market will reach 300,000 to 400,000 units, revenues will reach 18 billion yuan. Car rental as a connection in car circulation production and demand, an important channel, is now playing an increasing role, in addition to providing benefits and convenience, but also a resource sharing, green, low carbon way to travel.
"We did calculations, if the car rental industry's overall service levels up, authorized the lease, a car, a car that we can meet the needs of four families, so that reduces the use of 3/4, the low-carbon life, environmental protection and traffic management is a great contribution. "Zhang Xiaolin said.
Car rental market what is the way out?
From members of the industry, although the car rental market in China in recent years is a geometric growth trend, but the lack of industry standards and departmental management, the lack of laws and regulations to protect and market credit system is not perfect, these three major "bottleneck" restricting the development of car rental, was lurking behind the growing industry all risks.
It is understood that, at present, although there are nearly 5,000 registered rental car companies, but only three or four sizes between 1000 to 2000 vehicles, more players car counts were below 100, some people have bought cars, unregistered private rental business. Car rental market is very fragmented and is not standardized.
Tsinghua University in China and the world Li daokui, Director of the Center for economic research, said in an interview with the economic information daily, China's car industry is still in the extensive mode. Improved market access, learn foreign advanced management experience, rectify and standardize the business model, implementation of scale and chain operations, improve car rental brand-building, domestic car rental industry is a long-term development strategy.
In addition, imperfect laws and regulations is the biggest barrier to restrict domestic car rental industry. Zhang Xiaolin said, in 2006, on behalf of the company leasing him a group of 6 cars, turned its mortgage, and then fled. Zhang Xiaolin frustration only at their own expense to redeem. It is understood that Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other places, in recent years there have been serious cases of car rental scams.
Zhejiang lawyer with thick city, said Yang Gaobo, although the People's Republic of China property law as well as the People's Republic of China Law on tort liability has protection against car rental companies, but the face of the rapid development of the car rental industry, as well as the encroachment of tort, fraud and other problems, laws are still lags behind. "Car rentals are a trend of development, and should continue to fill in the blanks to introduce appropriate rules, protect the interests of rental car companies, as well as development of the industry. "He said.
Meanwhile, the industry believes, accelerate the construction of credit system of the market solve the car rental industry's "magic". It is understood that, at present, large car rental companies are launched on the customer ID and credit certification process and monitoring vehicles through GPS positioning system and anti-theft equipment, customers will have a bad record "blacklisted". To ensure the sound operation of the market. BACK PAGE