2015 report said China's car rental market will reach 39 billion

On February 22, according to Roland Berger consultancy, recent findings show, 2011 China's car rental market is about 20 billion yuan by 2015, will reach 39 billion. Our competitive car rental market, short term rental car price competition, particularly in terms of fleet size China and EHI firmly occupy the first two position in the market.
From 2011 onwards the entire lower macroeconomic growth and car sales market, Roland Berger estimate 2011 China's car rental market is about 20 billion yuan by 2015 of 39 billion yuan, from 2011 to 2015 annual compound growth rate of 18%.
Since the second half of 2010 to China and hi as a representative of the car rental company since the acquisition of capital injection, car rental market is more competitive.
Report analysis, in terms of price competition, price competition in the rental car is particularly prominent. Hyatt, for example, Roland Berger Strategy consultants sampled 5 on behalf of the company a day rental car from 2010 until the end of 2011 in a decline of average price 21%. Roland Berger Strategy consultants say, great low price war for corporate profit damage, is not sustainable, with the establishment of the leading position of industry leader, prices will stabilize, or even slightly correction.
Second, as the retail price reductions on cars, and particularly in two or three cities a number of leasing companies working in lower threshold, car rental professionals have proliferated, but this does not affect the growth in the size of industry leader. A case study of China auto rental, and a Hi, 2011 in cars have more than quadrupled over the same period, fleet has made top 2 in the car market as a whole.
Though rental car competition, but from a market structure than in 2010 despite the sharp downturn, but due to the increasing number of fleet, short term rental proportion will approximately maintain 30%. Roland Berger Strategy consultants will be measured in more than a year divided into long term rent, but the industry standard, and many firms have more than a month, or more than three months as a long term rent defined. Fleet accounted for between one month to one year market is relatively low, around 1%-2%.
Overall, the 2011 car rental market size total car ownership rates 0.44%, slightly increased compared to 2010, still well below the 2010 Japan (2.2%) and the United States (1.3%), fleet is expected from 2011 to 220,000 units in 2015 to 430,000 units.