6 large summer tourist boom car hire Guide

Self-driving is chic, but also tired, if a few people take trips together, arrived after play is the most comfortable way to rent a car. In this issue, we will provide you with 6 car rental guide in the summer tourist provinces.
Recommended car rental cities: Taiyuan
Convenience: more car dealers, you can take bus to the railway station, the airport, and you can return the car at the railway station, airport.
Condition analysis: Japanese cars most newer vehicles, there are many new 2009, 2010 licence.
Price: SUV rental fee is 280 to 650 Yuan per day, car rental fee is 130 Yuan to 800 Yuan a day, limit 200 kilometers a day, exceeded 2 Yuan/kilometer by kilometer to 3 Yuan/km standard fare.
Deposit: thousands of Yuan to tens of thousands of
Rental methods: good car after agreed delivery location, bring original and copy of ID card, driver's license, the need to prepare a working proof, prove they are employees (need to seal or work permits, work cards can also be replaced). At the agreed place, rents are directly deducted from the security deposit, deducting 500 Yuan, as a default margin, if there are no violations, returned after 3 months. Car hire only enough oil in the tank when driving to the gas station.
Recommended car rental cities: Haikou, Sanya
Convenience: more airport, hotels are available, as well as procedures.
Condition analysis: more models, the prices are there, low deposit.
Price: SUV rental fee of 260 Yuan to 1500 Yuan a day, car rental fee of 200 Yuan to 350 Yuan a day. Limited to 300 kilometers a day, exceeded by 1 Yuan per kilometer after billing, unlimited mileage rental 3rd above.
Deposit: 3000 to 10000
Rental methods: after the successful reservation receive service messages, delivery to bring original and photocopy of the ID card, driver's license, car rebates up to 1000 as a notice of deposit, refunded after 45 days.
Recommended car rental City: Nanning
Convenience: not much, but more formal.
Analysis condition: mostly Japanese cars, commercial vehicles, mid-range sedan and SUV is rarely suitable for family holiday.
Prices: daily rental cost ranges from 260-2600 Yuan, the daily limit is 280 km, after beyond per kilometre charged by 1 to 6.
Deposit: 3000-20000 RMB
Rental methods: some dealers for their own members waive all formalities, and to give price concessions.
Recommended car rental cities: Kunming
Convenience: large groups of 7 or more convenient, family car suitable for 3 to 4 persons is very small.
Condition analysis: dominated by commercial vehicles, SUV hardly suitable for mountain.
Price: 450 Yuan to 1000 Yuan a day.
Deposit: around 3000 Yuan
Rentals: need to store rental, or call to make an appointment in advance. Car rental places often can help you with hotel reservations, buy a discounted ticket, or you can book discounted day trips at the dealership, 2nd-day tours.
Recommended car rental cities: Wuhan
Convenience: no more, optional branding and not too many vehicles.
Condition analysis: most of the mid-range cars, cheap cars, cars are mostly SUV not much seen, ageing vehicles were not serious.
Price: rent ranging from 300 yuan to 600 Yuan a day, charge of 40 to 70 Yuan per day premium.
Deposit: 3000 to 7000
Rental methods: to carry identity cards, driver's license and a copy of the original, driving 6 months cannot rent a car rental fees deducted from the deposit.
Recommended car rental City: Hefei
Convenience: no easy, few vehicles belonging to individuals, to be joined to rent.
Condition: the domestic majority, mostly models, teams of 5 or more holiday you can enjoy.
Price: and owners of specific price per vehicle.
Weekend break Bulletin Board
Yesanpo day (Golden Dragon brigade)
Reference price: 108 Yuan/person
Recommended reasons: visit the yesanpo, Grand Canyon, shidu park attractions, live in the yesanpo Crest Resort.
Fengning bashang grassland (Golden Dragon brigade)
Reference price: 328/man
Recommended reasons: Prairie Lake Casino, lightning, 3rd Gift Prairie Casino packages.
Beidaihe, South, beach, island, Shek Tong Road car two days (Jinzhou travel agency)
Reference price: 298/man
Recommended reasons: contains the first big ticket, double accommodation, bought Shek Tong Road seafood.
South world of Beidaihe, the Gold Coast, carved in sand cars two days (Jinzhou travel agency)
Reference price: 218 Yuan/person
Recommended reasons: everyone knew degree of fine Beach on the Gold Coast, there are many sand sculpture carved in sand in the world, high ornamental value. Song Huiwen
Car hire 4 large notes
1, led the front to be examined, drivers have to sign the inspection form, and this form at the time of delivery considering the condition, for the lease to indicate where there must be something wrong with any details that should not be overlooked that blame themselves when preventing delivery. Rent a car to test drive before.
2, for the form of joining link of a vehicle at a car dealership, we recommend carefully consider whether you want to lease, it is difficult to know the car rental Allied owners and the Division of powers and responsibilities, once had an accident in a lot of trouble.
3, to ask if the vehicle of a variety of issues, payment criteria, how long does the repair, which according to the rental price paid by the lessee to prevent taxi companies deliberately prolong the maintenance time, make their own losses.
4, after a vehicle accident, do not arbitrarily, to promptly notify the dealership, they will specify 4S shop for repair, and should assist drivers with fines and so on.