As soon as the taxi regulations

January 14 "black" car, contract payments, and taxi drivers ' interests can't be protected for a long time, strike incidents occur frequently. Analysis of Gansu Provincial Committee of the NLD believes that the problems that exist in the taxi industry in our province, mainly from the taxi industry management. Therefore, the NLD Committee of Gansu province to submit proposals to the General Assembly, recommended starting from the sound legislation, clear scope of government regulation to further standardize the management of the taxi industry in our province.
Proposal noted that, due to the dependencies of the taxi industry management, management, management responsibilities, approvals and other management policies established by the local government, resulted in the province's taxi industry regulatory agencies, management policies are not uniform. The road transport regulation in Gansu province even though the taxi industry regulatory body, but in the taxi administrative licensing, market regulation, specification of service provision is not clear, resulting in the road transport industry to the city taxi market macro-regulation and market supervision is weak, it is difficult to achieve efficient on city taxi market configuration and the various interests of regulatory coordination. In addition, the taxi business is not standardized and combat the black poor, causing drivers interest is difficult to be effectively protected. From the taxi industry organization and management situation in the province, although the basic realization of company operations, but do not follow the requirements of the modern enterprise management system, a comprehensive taxi management responsibilities, enterprise security management, trade unions and other institutions, the system is not perfect. Taxi companies and taxi companies form a loose, seriously out of the right to property, rights, and management. While, taxi enterprise through charged "affiliated management fee", and "right transfer fee" and the "risk deposit" and "fixed contracting rent", costs, aggravated has operators of burden, on the, due to different nature of "black" car law enforcement subject varies, easy formed about sector each other wrangling of phenomenon, caused "black" car of combat forensics difficult, and punishment more difficult, formed has "caught has penalty, penalty has put" of cycle.
NLD proposals, manage taxi industry, it is imperative to develop taxi management local regulation as soon as possible. Taxi, taxi regulations should be combined with the province, management and general thinking and direction of the development of clear assignment, regulation of the taxi industry positioning, the right model, business model, labor relations, liability, risk-sharing mechanisms, prevention of illegal operations, group events, management system, nature of authority, duties and legal responsibilities on major issues of the subject. To regulate all taxi management, coordination of government departments, companies, drivers and customer relationships.
The same time, be clear on government regulation, establish and improve the taxi trade associations and Government regulatory and industry made a two-pronged approach. For the corporate management of enterprises, regulators through the implementation of an integrated contract management, responsibilities and interests of the company and the driver regulates the distribution relationship; to regulate the fees charged to drivers of the company against all kinds of unreasonable fixed deposit and contract means, establishment of revenue-sharing, risk-sharing mechanisms with the driver. In the fight against "black" vehicles, the Government should set up a coordinated urban management, public security, supervision, JIU feng, administration for industry and commerce, transportation and other departments involved in the fight against "black" car works, a clear division of labour, responsibility, ensure that the "black" car into reality.