Car rental back to remember three precautions

From car rental companies rent a car cheap and turned over to others, take the ill-gotten gains zheben and doing business with "evaporate". On June 1, the defendant Guo Shuiyang prosecuted for alleged contract fraud, jinshui district, Zhengzhou city, the Procuratorate to the Court.
Prosecutors identified: January 24, 2005, Zhengzhou city, Guo Shuiyang and billions of rental car company signed a lease contract, renting a car, rented for a period of two months. Car rental in hand, Guo Shuiyang on February 5, 2005 5. Price mortgage to xinmi city of 80,000 Yuan Li, and mortgage money themselves for doing business. But after the business failed, Guo Shuiyang beyond simply changing your cell phone number, playing "evaporate" trick. Car rental after losing contact with police.
On January 5, 2007, in xinmi city after seeing Guo Shuiyang car rental staff called the police. Police quickly captured them after interrogation, Guo Shuiyang admits that he swindled out of billions of rental companies in Zhengzhou value 10. 70,000 yuan Hongqi car sold after the fact.
"Are friends to introduce each other to blame. "According to the car Lee said he did not know Guo Shuiyang, did not intend to buy his car, in February 2005, his friend Ma and Zhao find, he said, they had a friend named Guo Shuiyang would like to take his 5. 80,000 yuan, using a red flag sedan as collateral. "I said no, because I know Guo Shuiyang not, Cho, Ma said a car mortgage fears. "Can't afford two flickers, Lee became convinced that the friend's story.
Taxi and deception police teach you three
A few days ago, Xuzhou Economic Investigation Department arrested a number of car rental scams criminals and recovering fraud car more than 10 vehicles.
Criminals, Wang more than 10, Xuzhou, Su a succession from car rental companies rent cars more than 30 vehicles, and rental car mortgage or sold to other provinces, use the money for gambling and personal spending, to the car rental industry in the city has caused great economic loss. To this end, Xuzhou police warning and related personnel in the following car rental companies:
, Standard, full, legally entered into car rental contracts, identify customers carefully the authenticity of ID cards, driver's licenses and other relevant documents, if necessary, by the relevant departments the identification verification, while leaving customers photos, understand customers's character, as much as possible.
Second, installed in vehicles rented by GPS satellite positioning systems, car rental after regular contact with customers, timely understanding of vehicle operation and related conditions.
Third, at the time of signing the contract, the best call for rental vehicles is equal to the value of the property mortgaged or made available to others (or unit) guarantee.