Car rental market monitor blank "beyond the scope" to make money

Today, car rental, a car model is increasingly being accepted by people, business car, wedding cars, car rental, car rental ... ... Car rental form more and more diverse. But recently a reporter learned that behind the car rental market in prosperity, exposes a lack of industry standards and car rental management, lack of laws and regulations to protect and so on. Particular car rental-walk in the grey area, demand is unlawful.
1, too much dishonesty
Reporters interviewed a number of leasing companies which are found not honest drivers. Aojie rental car partner, Harbin said, the company had a customer, rented 5-day car, rent a car illegally parked during, and after he returned to the car, we received 3 tickets. Rental cars are installing a satellite positioning system, can have customers pull down to start running, was also car rental debt ... ... According to the Harbin aojie automobile leasing said, while car rental risks, but a lot of companies are optimistic about the car rental business, dropped outside the high season and holidays, every weekend driving business enough, assuming that the rent of 200 Yuan a day, 6000 Yuan a month, plus the extension of the peace day car hire, car rental business is good.
2, the car rental easier
Apart from car rental, car rental, car rental is another form of car rental company offers vehicle hire drivers. Reporters on the grounds of rental, call haerbin shengda automobile leasing company, told Xinhua, the company provides car rental, will not be "let go" self drive car rentals to customers. Reporters want to run down district, Mudanjiang city roundtrip for two days, the staff said, his home a local civic XF 1800 all inclusive, if 2500 Yuan to rent Honda accord this type of high-end car. Other claimed that as long as the good price, can pick you up the next day. Also have to pay a deposit, not so troublesome as car rental.
Cheung Li-car rental staff said, the leased lines only drive car rental service, so that "car rental and rent" ordinary family car 400 Yuan a day. According to reports, to Mudanjiang round trip a day, the company provided a refine business vehicle, 1600 back and forth the whole package, oil, tolls are not tenant management, who has a scraping and customers never mind, do not need to sign the contract, prepay-only small part of the oil, then end up leaving. Yi-hao, Harbin automobile company said they provide the car is Toyota coaster, Mercedes-Benz vans and other high-end commercial vehicles, mainly corporate clients reception, when he got a trip to the Mudanjiang price than general vehicle at least 1 time.
Hashi rental company partners, told reporters that if users do not want to drive when they travel, or do not want to take the bus, now car rental this new option.
3, regulation no
Car rental threshold is low, irregular management, private car leasing company affiliated became widespread, which will certainly lay hidden. According to one insurance company automobile insurance survey introduction, as usually understood, service is provided by the car rental company car rental, taxi service is provided by passenger travel. Differ from rental cars and taxi cabs have authority, on the way unexpected, perfect traceability system for passengers. But some vehicles leased after trading, insurance changes, not traffic accidents occurred in the operation belong to the liability, and insurance companies have the right to refusal. Chauffeur car rental's biggest problems is the lack of agreement between the parties, the parties did not agree, after the accident responsibility confirmation difficult.
Harbin city traffic transport management service rental management section Chen introduced, yiqian traffic sector according to car rental industry management provisional provides on car rental industry for industry regulatory, including approval, and issued business license,, 2007 end of, car rental industry management provisional provides abolished, traffic sector has no on car rental industry regulatory of legal, and regulations according to, also on missing on its industry of management functions has.
According to the relevant parties of the business sector in Harbin, car rental company, car rental in the leasing process if there's alleged Super scope.
For this generation the way car rental, aviation law firm Ren Hepeng Heilongjiang rate counsel, doing live free in a taxi outside of the taxi, car rental is a lease of property, from the category of properties included in the car rental industry and car rental are essentially passenger operations, essentially within the taxi industry. Since passenger services need to obtain a license, car rental companies has not obtained the relevant qualification cases, illegal operations. Once an accident, claims consumers are faced with many challenges.
4, need specification
It is understood that the driver car rental has been in an illegal situation, often clashes with the present mode of regulation.
Car rental markets lack of industry regulation, law lags behind, concerned that car rental as an emerging market, which requires relevant departments to study, to perfect the market. For instance, car rental companies, car rental it is operating the vehicle in itself, to have some assessment and qualification, if there is a traffic accident, if you scratch the car, caused the damage, how a compensation law, who's going to compensate, this lack of rules and regulations. Have suggested, standard car rental industry from origin, country as soon as possible, consistent with the characteristics of the car rental industry's industry regulations as well as relevant laws and regulations, management of lease cars, pay, insurance, mortgage, transfer requirements, the management functions for the car rental industry for compliance, there are laws to follow.