Overseas driving, car rental cheap parking expensive

Europe – is the new most favourite honeymoon destination. Whether a clean sweep of the eight-nation tour of Europe or a classic Franco-Swiss three-days, is the need to make reservations in advance to make the trip line. But you thought I driving wandering among the picturesque landscapes in Europe yet? Outside to drive this new form of tourism, will definitely give the newlyweds eyes bright and full of curiosity. At present, the travel agency that specializes in car outside not more, this reporter will invite international travel service co, Ltd Shaanxi 0 km 0 km international driving Club General Manager Abdullah Ocalan for all "pointers".
We had seen on TV Lu Yi Lei Bao and his wife drove car Australia, envy. Europe and the United States road conditions are generally good, so many friends who wanted to drive outside, car rental, parking, driving and other issues must be everyone's concern. Following Abdullah Ocalan will answer to the above question.
Q: driving abroad you can use?
Answer: this is the confusion of driving abroad often encounter. Answer is domestic driver's license can also be used, but not as easy to apply for an international driver's license. International driver's license, by the "international driving document" and "international driver's ID card" is composed of two parts. Although it must be used together with the national driver's license is valid and cannot be used separately, but because it has translated in 8 languages, namely English, French, Spain, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, German, and Japanese, and lets you in more than 180 countries, unimpeded, can help you overcome the difficulties encountered in the drive. In addition, get an international driver's license to participate in the special driving test, do not need guarantees and proofs, processing whenever they submit a true copy of a valid driver's license and passport copy (copy of applicants have to be signed), two two-inch color photographs, complete the license request form, and submit such materials, and pay the appropriate application fee. One year is 1200 RMB; three-year need 1800 Yuan. A 30-day period.
If you only occasionally drive in a foreign country, do not need to apply for an international driver's license to the local notary office notarized translation of a driver's license procedures. This notarial instrument costs generally range between 130 to 260 Yuan, processing period is 7 working days.
Q: car rental costs are not high?
Answer: overseas car rental, there are two ways, one is find intermediaries, on a self-help basis. Find agencies, will have to pay a fee, but according to Abdullah Ocalan said, because intermediaries often and rental car companies, car rental costs are lower and, in General, no mileage restrictions. "As regards intermediaries in Europe costs about € 45 per day, you can rent good cars, such as Audi, BMW, and many of them are 0 km, the oldest not more than three years, Yes, would like to remind you of is foreign rental car without looking at the brand level. Buffet is about 55 euros/day. Although rates are not high, but parking is very expensive in Europe, large car park, to 7.5 euros per hour, roadside parking lots an hour it will take 1 to 1.5 euros. Is in a hotel, parking fees, and 20 euros a night. Rent a car knows that in Qingdao rental cars will have to pay a deposit. In abroad? Answer is overseas car hire is usually not required to pay high deposit, just pay rental fees with a credit card. Use of international credit cards for successful loan move to better quality vehicles is very helpful, because car rental agencies abroad generally agreed that an international credit card users, have been the rigorous examination of the Bank, the customer's creditworthiness and high level of protection, thus reducing the risk of car rental companies themselves.
If you want to rent your own car in Europe, based on the recommendations in the Hertz international car rental company before booking vehicles on the site. As long as entering specific travel times and destinations in this Web site, you can get the desired models and a full set of recommendations. Then the car rental company will issue a contract form that says clear customers specific information, loan vehicle, days and pick up the car, or the exact location of the vehicle. Car is also very convenient, large companies such as Hertz has a dense network of outlets, got off the plane can refer to a car. When you want to remember to bring the above mentioned documents. Check the condition of the vehicle at the airport and after signing the contract for my car, the rental contract took effect.
Q: United States car rentals and rental cars in Europe what's different?
A: the basic procedure is the same, only in the United States rent a car, emissions are relatively large. In addition, in the United States rent a car be sure to make an appointment. If the itinerary changes, time can be rescheduled, but say hello to the leasing company in advance. Because United States natives also love driving, such as appointments, during the travel season is likely to rent less than ideal models. In addition, before travel, but also made sure that the local traffic rules and learn some knowledge of road signs in advance, pay attention to traffic laws and special provisions.