Police advise: be careful car rental scams

Automobile consumption had entered ordinary families, car rental industry in the ascendant, but because of lack of supervision, management problems, such as abnormal, market factors, for the car rental industry for cases of fraud have occurred. Recently, Hongshan district, chifeng city, Inner Mongolia Public Security Bureau economic investigation group in the special action to combat economic crime, successfully cracked a PSB tone of supervising the use of rental car contract fraud case, two suspects, involving more than 4.5 million Yuan.
According to the police, Joe a, Hongshan district Bureau economic investigation team recently reported: since March this year, Jia with Zhang fraud 4.12 million Yuan. After receiving the report, the investigative team immediately launched investigation, and, on August 19, the two suspects captured.
The identification of the criminal suspect Zhang on March 26, 2009 to June 27, from a number of car rental companies rent cars to make 12 false vehicle registration certificate, 4 fake housing title certificate as collateral and other means, Jia has adopted more than 20 times from Joe cheated somewhere to 4.12 million Yuan. Meanwhile, a criminal suspect Zhang also confessed in November 2008 and January this year, with others using the same means to defraud credit unions and others more than 400,000 yuan of crime. At present, criminal suspect Zhang and Jia are under criminal detention by public security organs, in the relevant circumstances of the case is under further investigation.
In this regard, the Police reminded the majority of car rental companies in their operations to enhance awareness, reduce unnecessary losses if cheated, to report immediately to the police.