Summer car trips take several necessary equipment

Hot summer is driving good time to break for the summer, but cycling to hundreds of kilometres away, and what is likely to happen, so in order to enjoy the holiday, following introduce you self drive break some of the necessary equipment.
First, personal equipment
Music, snacks and drinking water is anyone break before going to ignore anything, but for first-aid kit, rain gear for things like how many drivers they may not put it in the car for a long time, in fact, the moment can not only help you get out of the woods yet, and even save lives.
Personal identification is to be ready at any time, but the vehicles and pay special attention to Jericho to carry driving vehicle driving license, driving license, vehicle taxes and road tolls to pay documents, insurance company and rescue the company's communications recording, for a rainy day. The thin blankets in the car will not only help you defend against the cold of the night, under the car mats in a moment when the body. Finally, cold medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs, emergency drugs such as band-aid.
Second, the emergency Kit
No matter how good the car have failed, so ready for an emergency car repair kit it is necessary. Gasoline can, Toolbox, tape, tow rope, pump can not be less.
Break bad car was the most disappointing thing, so each driving before you car for a full physical examination. Including spare tire air pressure is appropriate, whether the normal state of fire extinguishers, adequacy of coolant, oil, and so on. In addition, also be prepared a car power inverter for car. Now people travel often carry GPS, computers, cell phones and other electronic equipment, car power inverter, and where you can ensure that the normal use of the equipment. Finally, if it is to the more remote regions travel should also prepare some fuel additive to prevent poor-quality gasoline engine damage.
Third, navigation equipment
In front of the far be sure to buy a map of the destination, while access to find precise driving directions, best condition, you can make your own road book. Of course, if money in a car equipped with a GPS global satellite positioning and navigation system is a good choice.
In General, we do not recommend that you select nowhere to travel, after all, official opening of tourist attractions, a variety of amenities, but the maximum driving pleasure is to see and feel free, there's always people continually try to develop new routes. In this case, in addition to keep communication open, also onboard compass and accurate map of the area, in case you get lost emergency occurred.