Top ten summer driving driving considerations

Hot and passionate has come in the summer, is the best time of driving, whether you're a daily driving, or is the whole family go out driving, should clear up their car, traveling light, enjoy the fun to drive. Here we give you some advice, let your driving easier and more enjoyable!
1, check tyre
No matter what time is this four guys take you from one place to another, even though you have tire pressure monitoring systems, you should give them serious examination. When you look at the signs of wear when checking tread depth, particularly uneven wear. Ensure that they can withstand the pressure. Finally, make sure that sensitive brake system. Once you are fully in accordance with the summer traffic on the list columns when you will go more smoothly and safely through this season.

Hard to simply say regular replacement of engine oil and filter the history of how important, if you do, then please take the effort to think of it – no matter where you are on the roadside or in any. This is no brainer, make sure you down on your list of summer, check your air filter, seat belts and lights. If you do not have to do this, when you are stranded on the roadside, you still need to do.

Car coolant is required when driving in the winter issue of concern not only because antifreeze is coolant in the summer. Of course, that not only should appear on the list in the summer, should appear on the travel list for the year. In addition to determine an acceptable level but also to examine its effectiveness. Testers check can help you for very cheap. If you need to add coolant, 50/50 coolant just to meet peacetime use. If the tester or user's manual recommends replacing, then replace and check the tubing.
Check battery
We listed on the list of early in the summer that can make driving more convenient details and methods, you might guess what? In order to let you run more smoothly in the area, you need to check your battery. Batteries out when not only in the dead of winter, summer will make them consume-even faster, the phrase comes from the Automobile Association. Seasonal work and high temperature makes the liquid evaporates, causing corrosion and weakened. Clean battery tops and benchmark, and if possible try to use distilled water to complete.
5, replace wiper
As a preventive measure, 6 months are the best time to replace the wiper. Even though you where the climate is very good, wind power is small, but always pay attention to the wiper, once loose will be immediately replaced. In addition, it protects your car through car wash, wash, move to new wiper you can keep for several weeks, the Sun is shining.
6, Sun shroud
Summer automotive equipment list, this should be a must, although in-car air conditioner can help a little bit busy. It looks like a mirror but is very different: the Sun cover can be placed on the windshield. When you park your car in the Sun, it can keep your car clean and also very convenient to carry. When you are in the car, and you should apply sunscreen. If you do not use sunscreen of SPF 2000 of your girlfriend, then use this to cool your car right now.
7, check in-car air conditioners and air filter
Year periodically or check the air conditioning in your car is by no means a bad thing, so that they can function properly. Depending on your car, you can also turn on automatic defrost system, no matter what the temperature. Anyway don't wait for the first 90 ° f, to recognize your air conditioner have walked out. When you drive, at the lowest temperature when testing it.
When you test time, you should also be concerned about the air quality inside the car, if your car is inhalation of dust, powder, pollen and odor, you should check your air filter. Through the ventilation system inside the car, the cabin air filter should be able to clear the 98% dust, dirt and smelly, so as to improve air quality.
Now that your suitcase is empty and clean enough, then it's time to add some equipment. Remember, not in order to install some things which should be equipped on your summer well spent. Some people golf bags into the trunk, depending on your car and your neighbor, you do not have to follow suit. Ultimate Frisbee, basketball, or baseball gloves, no matter what the game, can be easily installed in your car, whether your car is a super sports car or a broken-down car.

Compartment and the trunk of your car needs cleaning and vacuuming, especially when you have several months when you did not clean it. If you have a car or luxury leather seating, so make sure to use a scientific method of cleaning makes them soft and able to withstand summer heat and UV damage.
10, clearing winter mats, ice machine and tire chains
The summer is short. Enjoy the season brought some of your feelings, don't you have to increase the weight in winter. Clean up your winter mats, ice machine, tire chains and all devices don't meet this season, and before the next winter and summer automotive equipment you need to make a list. Removal of these devices for your car to save space weight now!